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Debbie Newton

In recognizing the value and importance of family life, all Quality Medical Transcriptionists are subcontractors, work in their own home offices, and are encouraged to meet the needs of their families while providing a suitable work area/environment. Generally, what we need from a medical transcriptionist is:

- Two years of multispecialty or well-rounded experience. (Some accounts
require more experience. Graduation from an accredited MT program could count
toward experience, depending on the account.)
- Motivated, dependable, accurate
- Excellent computer skills
- Windows XP preferably
- Word 2000 or higher
- High-speed Internet and email
- Digital voice player with foot control (Express Scribe or Start/Stop, etc.)
- Ability to send and receive a fax
- Shredder
- Personal reference library (medical dictionary, drug books, websites, etc.)
- C-phone may be required for some accounts (not provided), which may also
necessitate extra phone line and/or unlimited long distance.
- FTP software may be required for some accounts (not provided, cost is $49).
- Test dictations will be required before hire.

We offer:

- Specific account assignment
- Flexible schedule
- Full QA usually 30 days or less
- Pay based on experience and account

Quality Medical Transcription is always in need of great transcriptionists. If you
meet the above requirements and would like to join our team, please contact us
by email at dnewton@qualitymedicaltrans.com and paste your resume in the body of the message.
Attachments will not be opened. You may also call us at

No overseas applicants need apply.


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